The African Trade Insurance Agency (ATI) provides insurance, co-insurance and reinsurance to protect against credit, investment and political risks. ATI is able to insure projects against political and non-payment risks that have at least one arm of a transaction in any one of its African member countries. To view the most recent list of members visit


  1. Trade Credit Insurance

This insurance protects you against non-payment risks. There are two types of Trade Credit products, Whole Turnover (WTO) and Single Obligor (SO). WTO insures your entire portfolio of buyers or debtors. Typically this is a short-term policy that covers business-to-business and trade related transactions. The SO product covers only one buyer or debtor but it is flexible in terms of the type of transactions it covers. This policy is a short-to-medium term product covering on average a period of one to three years. For lenders, ATI offers protection against borrowers’ default on loans and other lending facilities and it also includes political risk cover for cross border transactions.

  1. Investment Insurance (Political Risk)

This insurance protects your investments, projects, goods and contracts against any unfair political action or inaction by a government that would cause damage, financial loss or business interruption in any of our member countries. It can also cover loss due to war & civil disturbance.

  1. Political Violence, Terrorism & Sabotage Insurance

This insurance protects you against financial losses directly resulting from politically motivated violence or terrorism and sabotage events. We can insure you directly on a stand-alone basis or through an insurer under a reinsurance contract.

  1. Surety Bonds

This product protects government agencies and contracted companies to ensure that contracts are completed according to mutually agreed terms. ATI’s role is to issue bonds to project sponsors or the contracted firm, and to reinsure the bank or the insurance company issuing the bond.

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