Aviation Hull and Liability

Private aircraft Corporate and Business aircraft Regional and Charter aircraft Helicopters

19.2 Aviation Hull and Liability
  • Hull covers loss of or damage to aircraft (fixed and rotor wing) by

fire, theft, windstorm, flood hail and other perils as well as pilot’s mishandling.

  • The liability component includes cover for bodily injury or property damage to third parties and passengers.
  • Additional policy coverage for: Spares
  • Provides cover for loss or damage to parts or spares while not attached to the aircraft.
Loss of use

Provides compensation for financial loss while the insured aircraft is unable, as a result of accidental damage, to operate as intended

  • (but not as a result of total loss).
19.3     Aviation Hull War

Designed to cover loss of or damage to aircraft arising from events such as (but not limited to) war, invasion of foreign enemies, revolution, riots, extortion, hijack etc which are normally excluded from the Hull Policy.

19.4     Non Ownership Liability

Provides cover for people or entities who use aircraft owned by other parties.

Claims procedure to Aviation – Major Loss / Damage to Aircraft

  • Confirmed date, time and place of occurrence
  • Scheduled and actual departure / arrival times (Where applicable)
  • Details of occurrence along with available accident / incident reports
  • Aircraft type, registration and details of ownership
  • Passenger manifest to include details of nationality, gender, age and seating plan
  • Details of any passenger fatalities/injuries
  • Details of  damaged / destroyed third party property
  • Certificate of airworthiness
  • Certificate of registration
  • Meteorological details / briefing to flight crew
  • Flight plan – list of contents of flight operations bag including relevant aerial or other routing / approach let down charts
  • Crew manifest – general declaration
  • Copy of flight crew licenses
  • Available photographs of damage / wreckage
  • Load and trim balance sheets or equivalent, pre flight maintenance check or clearance certificate
  • Copy of Airframe / Engine / Propeller log books
  • Transcript from cockpit voice recorder (CVR)
  • Transcript of R/T communication between the aircraft and tower / approach / air traffic control (As relevant)
  • Readout and analysis from flight data recorder
  • Cargo manifest – Copy of AWB’s (Airway Bill) – Details of damage to mail / freight  / checked baggage
  • Certificate of maintenance – Copy of last maintenance check and copy of technical log
  • Airframe hours
  • Aircraft cycles since new
  • Time since last major overhaul / last inspection
  • Engine type/model/serial numbers, time since new
  • Serial numbers – Engine No. 1, 2, 3, 4 (As applicable)
  • Time since new – Engine No. 1, 2, 3, 4 (As applicable)
  • Time since overhaul – Engine No. 1, 2, 3, 4 (As applicable)
  • Details of Captain – name, age, license no. and type, date of first issue, validations and valid to, total flying hours, total hours on type, date of last proficiency check, date of last route check, date of last medical validity, total flying time in last 30 days and types flown and length of rest period
  • First Officer / Flight Engineer / Flight Navigator – Details as above

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