Crop Insurance

Provides cover against the following:

Fire excluding singeing(Scotching), melting, burning out of electrical appliances, overheating, etc.
Windstorm where the crop is permanently damaged
Excessive rainfall that causes irreversible damage
Uncontrollable pests and diseases
Drought except irrigation farming
Crop failure
Earth movement
Nuclear pollution
War and terrorism
Any kind of consequential loss, delay,detention or confiscation
Any crop harvested prior to inspection by the assessor.
Hay and straw


Cover provided for:

  • Plastic cladding and structures (steel only)
  • Crop – taken with No.1 above
  • Transit
  • Machinery breakdown (compressors)
  • Deterioration of stock
  • Irrigation equipment – taken with No.1above
  • Other assets related to greenhouse production – taken with No.1 above


  • Fire and fire fighting
  • Theft and /or loss during fire, fire fighting or salvaging
  • Lightning
  • Impact damage
  • Plane crash
  • Theft after burglary
  • Damage during burglary or attempt thereto
  • Water from reservoirs and / or water tanks
  • Excessive rain
  • Storm (including hail or weight of snow)
  • Salvage costs

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