Policies are issued covering glass – in windows, doors, fanlights, show-cases, shelves, and counter-tops against breakage from
any cause, other than breakage occasioned by or happening through:-
1) Fire or Explosion
2) War, Riot or kindred risks
3) Typhoon, flood, hurricane, volcanic eruption, earthquake or other convulsion of nature.
The insurers desire to draw special attention to the note appearing at the foot of the Proposal Form, and to the following points
for guidance in completing the Proposal Form:

GLASS TO BE INSURED: The number of squares of glass, their dimensions, position and value must be clearly stated, as the
Insurers are only responsible for the glass specified in the Proposal, and in the Policy.
The Insurers’ Risk is limited to the Glass itself and does not cover Frames & Lettering of any description unless specially included
– see Question 8. The cost of removal or replacement of fixtures or fittings in order to reglaze is included in the insurance with a
separate value.Glass within twelve inches of the ground must be specifically mentioned and described.
RISKS NOT ACCEPTED Sheet Glass in Greenhouses, conservatories or verandas. Shop risks that contain sheet glass only.
Glass which is broken, cracked, or otherwise damaged (such glass must, however, be fully described in the proposal form)

Intimation of breakages should be given immediately to the Head Office or Agency of the Insurers with which the
insured has been in communication.
No charge is made for insuring New Glass on replacement of Breakages.
SALVAGE All Salvage is the property of the insurers and must be carefully preserved.
PREMIUM will be quoted on receipt of completed Proposal Form

Claims Procedure

  • Completed Claim Form
  • Replacement Invoice / Receipt
  • Full statement of circumstances from relevant persons

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