Motor Private

1. Motor Private

  • This policy is intended to cover vehicles classified as private cars including saloons, family estates and station wagons, but excluding pick up whether with or without enclosed bodies, or vans or omnibuses or any other vehicles whose classification is other than as provided herein.
  • The vehicle is exclusively used for social, domestic and pleasure purposes and for the insured’s business.

Types of cover

  • Third party only;

Covers liability to third party on injury or damage to third party property arising in connection with the use of he motor vehicle

  • Third party fire and theft

Covers liability to third party on injury or damage to third party property arising in connection with the use of he motor vehicle. It also covers loss or damage to the motor vehicle caused by fire or theft.

The policy covers liability to third party with respect to injury or damage to third party property arising in connection with the use of the motor vehicle. It also indemnify against any accidental loss or damage to the motor subject to specified exclusions.

For Comprehensive policies there are various limits which generally forms part of the policy


  1. Towing Charges
  2. Third Party Property Damage
  3. Windscreen & Window glass Limit Replacement as actual cost
  4. Passenger Liability
  5. Third Party Persons Injury Unlimited
  6. Medical Expenses
  7. Audio/video/communication System. Replacement as actual cost
  8. Repair Authority

Options to include at additional premium:

  1. Waiver of excess
  2. Replacement vehicle-Loss of use up to 25 days due to Accident
  3. Material Damage cover in other countries
  4. Political violence & Terrorism

Other Extensions Can be negotiated

Agreed value (Insurance value remains valid for a year in event of Total Loss.)

Passenger Liability (Excluding Family or Employees)

Use by a Motor Trader/Garage during service

Company vehicles for Private Use

Custody of Sub-Contractor

Injury to Employees

Motor Contingent Liability

Riot, Strike & Civil Commotion

Earthquake & Flood

Act of Negligence by passengers

Policy had certain conditions:

Premium Payment Warranty

Limitation of Use Own & Associate’s Goods Cancellation Notice – 30 Days

Average /Market value clause

Other Insurances

Anti-Theft device condition

Unobtainable Parts

Roadworthy condition

Arbitration condition


Non-Standard accessories unless declared

Carrying capacity condition

Duty & VAT Clause

Policy had certain EXCLUSIONS

– War, Rebellion Foreign enemy

– Loss due to Nuclear / Radiation / Radio Activity

-Any other Consequential Loss

 Un-roadworthy condition

– Damage to Tyres & Body Paint unless due an accident

– Depreciation, wears & Tear, mechanical or electrical breakdown or failures

– Damage to Tyres unless vehicle is damaged at the same time

– Care of the Vehicle

– Use outside Geographical area

– Being used contrary to limitations of use

– Un-Authorised drivers

In event of a claim EXCESS will apply & needs attention  :

  1. Own damage
  2. Theft with Anti-Theft device

– Without anti-theft device

  1. New or Inexperienced Driver  addition to normal excess
  2. Third Party Property damage Excess  addition to normal excess
  3. Third Party Personal Injury Excess
  4. Theft Excess on R/Cassette
  5. Audio/video/communication System
  6. No Blame No Excess

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