Products liability insurance relates to the insured’s legal liabilities for:

  • bodily injury to persons; and
  • loss of or damage to material property;

caused by products or goods.

PRODUCT DEFINITION: any goods or products manufactured, sold, supplied, retailed, delivered, installed,

erected, repaired, maintained, altered, treated or tested by the insured.

Common ‘product’ categories

  • consumable products;
  • safety critical products;
  • complex products, e.g. motor cars;
  • testing equipment;
  • a component for inclusion in another product or is itself a finished product;
  • packaging, labelling and brochures etc. – as they are products in themselves;
  • discontinued hazardous products, e.g. asbestos products;
  • potential for product misuse;
  • services provided at the insured’s own premises;
  • services provided away from the insured’s own premises.
  • Other; describe

The cover will include liability for incorrect labelling and liability arising out of the sale of the wrong goods

THE COVER is dependent upon an element of accident causing injury or damage which results from the supply of

the product.


  • Injury to employees of the insured;
  • Damage to property belonging to or held in trust by the insured or in the custody or control of the inured;
  • Damage to any product supplied giving rise to a claim;
  • Replacement cost of any product giving rise to a claim;
  • Liability assumed under agreement unless such liability would have attached notwithstanding such agreement;
  • Radioactivity and War and related perils.

Claim form  – {Apply to the office providing all informationand request for legal assistance }

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